Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jr's Coffee Table - Started

Today I officially started on Gary Jr's walnut coffee table. I decided to build the legs first. I made a template of the leg, and transferred it to a 2" thick slab of walnut.

Once the four legs were traced out, I rough cut them on the bandsaw. You can see the actual outline of the leg on the wood:

Next, I cut the legs using my father's old Delta bandsaw. I cut right up, but not over, the pencil line I drew from the template:

Here's what the leg looks like after bandsawing:

After bandsawing, there is sanding to do in order to remove the marks made by the sawing action:

Next, the legs are tapered using a jig I built for just such an operation:

A view from the other side of the jig:

After giving them a quick machine sanding, it's time for hand sanding and a little filing to make the curves smooth:

Next task: making the frame for the top of the table.