Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progress on the Entertainment Center

Here I am gluing up the oak boards which will become one of the sides of the main cabinet:

This next picture shows one of the bookcases getting its face frame glued onto the carcase:

Another photo of the bookcase:

Here the center unit is getting glued up. And people will look at my clamp rack and say, "Do you REALLY need ALL those clamps???"

There are around 20 clamps used for this glue-up!

Here's the first picture of the three units temporarily joined together using clamps:

And here's a more recent picture, with the top of each unit installed:

Next the backs will be installed on the lower part of the bookcases, and on the entire back of the main center unit. After that, the final sanding before the finish goes on. Glass shelves for the bookcases are on order and should be ready by Tuesday (8/24). Doors are in the works!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Bookcases Get Assembled

The bookcases have been mostly put together. Backs still need to be added to the lower part of the unit (that part will also have a door, which will match the doors on the bottom of the main unit).

Next step is to get the main unit constructed, then I'll start working in the tops of each piece, then the doors.