Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jr's Coffee Table

Soon I will be working on Gary Jr's coffee table. It's supposed to be a college graduation present, so it's going to be a little late, almost a year in fact. Here is a picture of the table his table will be modeled after:

The table will be made from walnut, and stained so that it is darker than the table pictured above. Also, there will be a lower shelf on the Gary Jr. version of the table.

I bought the walnut wood for the table top back in January, but needed thicker stock for the legs. So I made the trip to Bath NY. There is a guy down there who runs a small logging and sawmill operation. And he has some really nice walnut. I called in advance to make sure he had some thicker walnut stock available. I bought two really nice 2" thick slabs of walnut:

The next thing I will do is make a prototype leg before trying it on the real thing.

Hutch Delivered and Ready To Use!

On the weekend of March 28th, I brought the upper unit of the hutch to my mom's camp and put the pieces together. All it needs now is to be leveled (levelers are built into the base) and install the knobs on the two doors. Other than that, it's ready to use.